The all-in-one alpha discord & telegram with a complete toolkit for successful shitcoins and NFTs trading

What is Alpha Gardeners?

An exclusive Toolkit for receiving notifications of contracts that are difficult to spot on your own, Tools like new-pairs,add-liquidity, locked-pairs,fresh-wallets,ape-alert,alpha tracker and much more.. Our alerts, offers all insights about whales, sales, buys, fresh buys and curated smart money wallet list.

AG TOKEN - 28/07/2023
Rekt labs bots, honeypot checker,new contracts, add-liquidity,locked-pairs,degen-tracker,bullish-deployer,fresh-wallets,ape-alert,alpha-tracker,threesome alert and VIP category Hall of whales
ETH NFTS - 15/02/2023
ETH Alpha Bots, ETH Harvesting Bot, ETH Team Alpha, ETH WL collabs + REKT Labs bots, honeypot checker, trading alpha, shit/memecoins utility. Rekt labs bots, honeypot checker, new contracts, add-liquidity, locked-pairs, degen-tracker, bullish-deployer, fresh-wallets, ape-alert, alpha-tracker, threesome alert and VIP category Hall of whales.
SOL NFTS - 8/09/2022
SOL Alpha Bots, SOL Harvesting Bot, SOL Team Alpha, SOL WL collabs

Our technology

Unleashing the Potential of Our Cutting-Edge Technology: Delving Deep into Ethereum Blockchain Contracts!

Smart Contract Insights Revealed

-Verify contract details, deployer address.
-Renounced status, taxes, market cap, liquidity.

Buy Sells

-Auto-buy straight from Telegram via Maestro, Unibot or Banana Gun Bot

Smart Contract Insights Revealed

- Exclusive access to powerful wallet tracker.
- Curated wallets managed by Whales Council.

Smart Contract Insights Revealed

- Discover ~100 high PNL wallets.

Combinated alerts

- Track wallets with combined alpha.
- Monitor ETH Mempool activity.

Insider alerts

- Insider-triggered notifications.
- Spot promising project creators.



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